Intermediate Lake is a very special place.

This seven mile long lake nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Antrim County was originally formed by receding glaciers. At first it was not more than a wide river carrying logs to mills downstream. In 1900 a hydroelectric dam was built in Bellaire forming the lake into its present size and starting its evolution into the refuge and playground it has become.

The lake's meandering shape and moderate size provides safe boating and fishing opportunities. Its many solid and sandy areas provide great shorelines for resort, vacation, and permanent homes. The lake also has several areas of protected natural shoreline that provide homes to a wide variety of wildlife while helping protect its scenic beauty. Bald eagles are frequently seen dropping down from their favorite resting spots around the lake to snatch a meal. We are also able to boast about loons successfully raising families here for many years, giving proof as to the clarity and sustainability of its waters.

The Intermediate Lake Association encourages people to make use of this fantastic natural resource and to remember our motto..."Ours to Protect"...since it is not just the Association's responsibility but that of every person who visits. For however long or brief a time our visit lasts, we all have a responsibility to help in this goal. This can easily be done by following boating laws and respecting other users, the wildlife, and property owners.

We hope you will take advantage of the information presented on this website...and consider joining us as a member of the Intermediate Lake Association to help maintain this wonderful resource into the future. An annual family membership is just $25, or five years for $100 (See the Membership tab below). We look forward to receiving your support.