We now have the ability to directly measure the concentration of itch-causing parasites in measured water samples using qPCR technology. It gives us an opportunity to provide lake users a way to learn how to avoid coming in contact with the itch. As researcher Ron Reimink (Freshwater Solutions LLC) has pointed out: “we don't try to kill all the mosquitoes as we did in the 1960's, now we find effective ways to protect ourselves individually by avoiding mosquitoes when we can, and by using protective gear to greatly reduce our exposure when we can't”. For more detailed information see the FWS 2019 summary report “Preventing Swimmer's Itch with 2020 Vision” for details and the revolutionary discoveries from their 2017- 2019 research substantiating this new vision. We now know enough about the biology of these identified parasites to offer the following firm suggestions. (See Smart Swimming Strategies).