NOTE-These tips and suggestions* were gathered from word of mouth remedies and sources found online. However,the Intermediate Lake Association cannot verify the accuracy or validity of these tips and is not recommending their use or application.

- Minimize scratching to prevent breaking the skin which may cause infection.

- Some have reported relief of the “itch” by using oral or topical Benedryl or Cortisone.

- Taking a warm bath with baking soda, colloidal oatmeal soap or Epsom salt.

- Apply a baking soda paste directly to/on the rash; Apply cool, wet compresses on the rash (ice packs not advised).

- Try any popular over the counter anti-itch lotions such as: Calamine, Caladryl, Aveeno, Eucerin, Derma Itch, Curel, cortisone cream. any lotions containing diphenhydramine hydrochloride, and ingestion of antihistamine pills may help provide relief. (consult a pharmacist about ingredients before using).

- Try dabbing apple cider vinegar or ethyl rubbing alcohol on itchy spots with a moistened cloth.

*See a physician if a severe rash develops or has become infected.